Shameless Hussy is a hot, rock & roll, rhythm & blues band featuring 10 seasoned, talented musicians, centered around Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. The band began to take shape in 2006, when drummer Dan Pakinas and guitarist Robert Gamach of the Duffs decided to indulge their passion for the music of large bands, bands with great horn sections, bands with sizzling back-up singers. They decided to play the all those songs they loved, but which were too often hacked by the bands that played them, and play them RIGHT. In short, they decided to have some fun and make some big music.

After a period of the prerequisite musician-shuffling, to sort out talent and personalities, Shameless Hussy settled into the solid, top-notch professional configuration they maintain today with original members Dan Pakinas and Bob Gamache plus: Marc Willett, bass; Mike Chadderton, keys; Dan Wickham, Baritone Sax; and Scott Adams, Tenor sax. As savvy road-tested musicians, they knew that the sound of a band is only as good as the sound coming out of the PA speakers, and hired long-time Northwest super-engineer Lars Nefzgar to mix their shows.

Wanting a scorching female vocalist up front, the hunt began for the ideal person. When they met Deanne Bracamonte at a gig at a bar (were all the best scorching female vocalists are met), within minutes they knew they had found the spark to ignite the band.

The icing on the cake came when Deanne called her former band-mate Carol Harvey to add her vocal gifts to the mix. With horns, five singers, and an earth-moving rhythm section, Shameless Hussy has emerged onto the Northwest musical scene as a dynamic musical force, and a band not to be missed.